Its All in the Details!

Thinking of a Candy Buffet Bar/Sweet Bar for your special event?  Simply A Soiree's Sweet Bar specializes in creating a unique candy buffet bar just for you!  A beautifully designed candy/dessert bar will be set-up to provide that "kid in the candy store" feeling, and it's the perfect take home gift for your guests.  Contact us today at: or call 714.463.4581.

Candy Buffet Bar Pricing

Simply A Soiree Sweet Bar provides everything that you need for a perfect Candy Buffet Bar.

$4.50 for up to 75 guests - 5 to 6 Jars of Candy

$4.00 for up to 100 guests - 6 - 8 jars of Candy

$3.75 for up to 300+ guests - 9-12 Jars of Candy

Prices are based truly on the number of Candy Jars selected and the type of Candy.  Each Candy/Dessert Bar is customized to fit your budget and your event.  No 2 bars are exact!